10 Fun Fall Activities to Do with Your Dog

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year! With crisp, cooling temperatures and vibrantly colored leaves canvassing the landscape, it’s the perfect time to head outside and enjoy a variety of fun fall activities. And don’t forget the fur-babies! There are plenty of great activities that you can bring your dog along for. And since we’re all about keeping our pets active and healthy, we’ve put together a list of fun fall activities to include your pup on.

Dogs simply love the cooler weather, especially when there is a nip in the air. For dog owners, this time of year can bring a noticeable change in a dog’s demeanor. When the hot, lazy days of summer begin to slowly fade away, dogs just seem to become more invigorated and excited at the prospect of heading outside. In fact, even though it might be a bit ‘ruff’ for your pooch to let you in on their secret…cooler temperatures actually make it easier for dogs to regulate their body temperature. And much to their delight, it empowers them with an almost ‘super-dog’ stamina that allows them to run around and play for longer periods of time!

Just take a look at 10 fun fall activities you can do with your dog

  1. Take a hike

Taking a hike is great exercise for both you and your dog. With cooler temps, drier trails and spectacular foliage, fall is the peak season to take in some healthy, fresh air. Many local and state parks offer fun hiking trails you will both enjoy. A small backpack with water and a collapsible bowl will be essential for all your outdoor adventures- you might even want to pack a few snacks depending on how long you plan to be out hiking. In an effort to keep your dog close on unfamiliar trails, a leash will be necessary; especially if your pooch is a fan of chasing small animals such as rabbits or squirrels. It’s also always a good idea to check your pup for ticks when you return home.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch

Did you know that some of your local farms/pumpkin patches will welcome your puppy with open paws? Whether you are a family, a couple or single, taking a trip to pick out your annual pumpkin has no doubt become a tradition in the fall. Almost all pumpkin patches are outdoors, so your dog will have a blast getting exercise while he or she stops to sniff the vast assortment of ‘orange balls’ you are searching through. And, with all your dog’s enthusiastic exploring, don’t be surprised if they pick out the best pumpkin in the patch! It’s always a good idea to call before arriving at your destination – just to make sure they are dog friendly; and, to familiarize yourself with their rules during your visit.

3.Enter a doggy costume contest

Halloween and fall simply go hand in hand, so why not let your dog dress up for this spooky holiday. This time of year, you can find many dog parks, shelters, and pet stores that organize doggy costume contests. There are even some communities that sponsor Halloween dog parades down Main Street! The hardest decision you’ll have to make for this activity is choosing what type of costume to dress your pooch in. The choices here will be endless; whether you decide on a superhero cape, little tuxedo or lion’s mane, dogs simply look adorable when they are all dressed up! Just remember to make certain the costume is as comfortable as possible, be patient when dressing them up and having a treat or two will always make the process go more smoothly.

4. Play in the leaves

Remember when you were a kid how much you loved jumping in and rolling around a pile of leaves? Well, dogs love it too! Whether it’s the rustling of the dry leaves under their paws, the size of the pile, the woodsy scents that lie within, your pup is sure to have a dog-gone great time with this outdoor activity. In fact, your furry friend will be so anxious to play in the leaves they might not wait until you’ve had a chance to rake them all up! You can also add a bit of extra excitement to this activity by hiding a treat or a favorite toy in the pile. Just a word of caution- it will always be a good idea to check the pile for sharp sticks and branches that could poke or hurt your dog.

5. Visit a winery

A trip to the winery with your pooch can be a great fall outing, especially for dog owners who enjoy sampling the local vino. You’ll be amazed at how many vineyards around the country are becoming dog friendly. While many have specific areas where you can sip on a glass of wine with your pooch by your side; wineries will also allow leased dogs to accompany their owners as they tour the vineyards. One of the more popular options for this outdoor adventure is Cork Hounds. Simply visit their website https://www.corkhounds.com and type in your city/state to find the location nearest to you.

6. Tailgating

Every football fan knows how much fun tailgating can be, so why not bring your furry best friend to the next game. While an NFL game might not be an appropriate venue, there are plenty of local high school and college games you can attend where your pup will have loads of fun. You might want to consider buying a dog-sized jersey for your pup – it will not only make him feel like a true fan, but also keep him warm during those chillier fall games. Dogs that like to socialize and don’t mind being around crowds will enjoy tailgating festivities the most. Be sure to bring all the necessary supplies (water, food, snacks, waste bags & a leash) for your pup when you both head out to cheer on your favorite team.

6. Camping

If you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, you probably would have no problem sharing a tent with your canine companion. There are a number of really terrific private campgrounds and state parks that are not only pet friendly, they offer plenty of open spaces designated especially for dogs. Of course, with all the new and interesting sights, smells and sounds, you’ll probably want to keep your pup close by with a leash. Camping provides your dog with the ultimate nature experience; and, if you find a campground with other dogs, he or she might even get to socialize and make new friends.

7. Dog treat treasure hunt

If you want to enjoy the fall weather but would rather stay home, having a dog treat treasure hunt in your backyard can be a ‘tail wagging’ good time. Even though your canine has a keen sense of smell, your dog will enjoy the hunt more with a bit of training before you begin -first by commanding your pup to sit and stay while you hide the treat in plain sight; then giving the command to “go get it”. After a few rounds of ‘hiding’ the treat in plain sight, you can progress to fully concealing the treat. Dog treats hidden in favorite toys or strategically placed in ‘easy to reach’ locations around your property will make it both an exciting and satisfying treasure hunt for your dog.

8. Have fall photo session

Generally speaking, most dog owners consider their beloved pet a member of the family. So, why not take advantage of the breathtaking scenery in autumn and schedule an outdoor photo shoot? You’ll have a blast getting creative with props, accessories and backdrops! Whether you dress your pup in a sweater, surround him with pumpkins and hay bales, take action shots at the park or selfies at sunset, these photos will be a beautiful keepsake of your time together. The years seem to have a way of passing by too quickly; and often, we forget to take photos to commemorate the lives of our ‘furry best friends’. Having a photo session with the whole family or just your pooch is a great fall activity you will cherish forever.

9. Off-season beach trip

Ready for a trip out of town? There are a number of pet-friendly hotels on the beach and off-season is one of the best times to have your dog accompany you for a weekend get-a-way. In addition to prices being much lower during the fall, many beaches that prohibit dogs during the season will allow them to roam freely when the peak tourist months are over. Honestly, there is nothing better than watching your dog running free on the beach, digging energetically in the sand and stopping every now and then to frolic in the waves rolling in from the ocean.

So, what are you waiting for? As a dog owner, you’ll want to take full advantage of everything the fall season has to offer both you and your furry four-legged friend. The best adventures always start in the great outdoors…and, you’re going to love doing these 10 fun fall activities with your dog!

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