• How do I store pet food properly after opening?

      A. Dry pet food should be consumed within 6 weeks of opening.
      B. Once open, pet food should be kept in its original bag. If you use a food storage container, you must store it with the bag. The bag helps prevent oxidation and moisture from affecting the pet food.
      D. Store in a cool, dry place.
      E. Wash all pet food containers frequently.
      F . Avoid buying large quantities of dry pet food at one time.

    • Why is the color, flavor, and size of CRIUS food vary from batch to batch?

      In order to ensure nutrition is not lost during the production process, we insist on using only minimal amounts of processing with no added artificial colors or flavors. This is why kibble size sometimes varies from each batch.
      Each batch of CRIUS food is tested for toxins and contaminants before, during, and after production to ensure that each package is safe for pets.

    • How do I know how much to feed my pet?

      Since every pet is different in terms of activity level, age, size, and breed, we recommend that you start by referring to the recommended amount of food on our packaging and observe your pet for weight changes to adjust the amount of food accordingly that best suits your pet's needs.

    • Why does CRIUS use air dried meat chunks and why don't I see a lot of chunks in it?

      CRIUS is made with an extra 1% of " air dried meat chunks" to provide high-quality protein for your pet. CRIUS kibbles are already meat-based, and the dried meat chunks are added as an extra supplement so no higher percentage is needed.

    • How do I store the canned food after opening?

      If you are unable to finish immediately after opening, please seal the opening with a lid or plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

    • How do I store your meat-only pet snacks?

      We do not add any artificial preservatives to our pet snacks, keep and store them in a cool place if they are unopened. After opening, it is recommended to seal the bag and keep it in the refrigerator.