Mother Nature never intended mass production. She didn’t design carnivores to eat potatoes, corn or artificial fillers. At CRIUS, we believe in real nutrition— the nutrient-dense, native diet your pet’s ancestors craved.

Crafted batch-by-batch, CRIUS is formulated by a certified nutritionist and is all natural, using 100% real meat. Always ethically sourced from natural lands in New Zealand and Canada. CRIUS delivers the highest quality nutrition in every bite, never compromising for cost or fillers.



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    My dog is 7 years old, and he is a very sweet dog. Our whole family loves him. He has gone through many brands of dog food before I changed to CRIUS. His digestion has never been good. When I took him out to poop, I found that its bowel movements were abnormal. Sometimes he would go days without pooping. However, after eating CRIUS Chicken recipe dog food for about a week, I noticed that my dog's bowel movements became normal, and the shape of his stool was much more consistent and formed, unlike before when it was just little bits and pieces. I can't recommend this brand of dog food enough!

    - Spike - 7 years old Bernese Mountain dog

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    Our cat is a very picky eater and has been refusing to eat canned and kibble cat food for many years, which has left us very troubled. Ever since we started trying CRIUS canned cat food, our cat has been coming to us every day begging to eat, and she even comes running at the can opening sound. I've even noticed that her fur is more beautiful and not as rough and dull as it was before. I'm very satisfied!

    - Finn - 3 years old cat

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    Our cat is 15 years old, and we chose CRIUS canned cat food several years ago because it is a low-carb and high meat content canned food. He has been eating this canned food for several years now, and we’re really pleased with how healthy and energetic he has stayed for his age. Even my friends comment when they come to visit that they can’t believe he’s 15 because he acts and looks like a 2-year-old. CRIUS canned cat food is perfect for our sweet senior cat!

    - Pepper - 15 years old American Shorthair cat

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    I’ve always cared pretty strongly about my dog's diet. Apart from his daily food, I also pay attention to the ingredients in his snacks. I choose CRIUS New Zealand treats as my dog's main snack because CRIUS treats have one single ingredient with no added food coloring and preservatives, which are all things I look for in anything I feed him. His favorite snacks are the lamb ribs and lamb slices. I’ve noticed the lamb ribs are very good for cleaning his teeth. After I give him a piece every day between meals, his mouth does not stink anymore, and it even has less tartar on its teeth.

    - Milo - 5 years old Beagles

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    I tried CRIUS freeze-dried meat topper because my dog has never been a big fan of dry food, so I wanted to try to make it more appetizing by adding something on top of it. The ingredients of the freeze-dried meat topper are very good. It's only meat without any additives, so I feel very comfortable adding it to my dog's diet, and since dry foods are generally low in meat, the freeze-dried meat topper just makes up for it. It's great that my dog is starting to like dry food again!

    - Dexter - 12 years old Corgi

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    I've been feeding my dogs CRIUS for a few months and she seems to find it very tasty, especially with the extra dried meat chunks in it. The only downside is that there are not a lot of dried meat chunks in it, but they are still made from great ingredients. Not only is my dog’s skin looking better, but her fur is a little shinier too now. Overall, this is great dog food.

    - Abby - 6 years old Jack Russell Terrier

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    My dog loves CRIUS snacks and gets very excited whenever I open the treat pantry. I buy many different flavors, most often are venison shanks and beef tendons because my dog can chew on them longer. It gives my dog some time to kill, and her teeth are really getting better now.

    - Lexie - 8 years old Labrador Retriever