100% Venison Spine Bones

Venison spine bones made from natural New Zealand deer, venison is a new quality protein for your pet. It is known as the most nutritious of all red meats and is naturally low-fat lean meat. It is a healthy source of protein and iron, and rich in omega 3.

The low protein, fat, and cholesterol content of the venison spine bone has made them become one of increasingly popular diets of dogs. The natural flavor and chewability of venison is irresistible to pets.

Venison spine bones have a soft, honeycomb-like structure meaning they collapse around each tooth as they chew, helping to scrape tartar from the teeth.

In addition to the dental benefits, the fattiness of venison spine bones make a delicious meal your pet will enjoy.

Native + Natural

Treat your pet with the highest quality nutrition mother nature can offer. CRIUS treats are 100% ethically sourced from pristine, farm lands in New Zealand. All natural and highly digestible, you can feel good about what you give your pet knowing your pet’s health and well being is better with CRIUS.

Available Sizes

  • Ingredients

    100% venison spine bone

  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Protein (min) 44%
    Fat (min) 4%
    Moisture (max) 7%